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What Do You Think?

Critiquing the Industry is an experimental section with the goal of achieving intelligent input about what direction the industry is going in today, what direction it should be going in, and identifying any problems or hindrances as well as solutions.

Do you have any suggestions or recommendations? Constructive criticism? Do you feel you have a story or opinion that could contribute to the positive aspect of growing the invention community?

Are you willing to put it in writing and send it to us as an editorial or commentary? If so, please feel free to send in your comments. We ask that the draft be thought provoking and insightful and that your opinions are well thought out and concise.

All answers will be reviewed and those we feel fit the criterion will be posted here in the next issue. Please note that responses may possibly be edited to fit as space permits. If possible, try to keep your responses under 500 words. If we need more information, we will contact you.

Please include a brief paragraph with any relevant information about yourself, such as your profession or occupation, your age (i.e. 10 or 100 years old), how many inventions you have developed, how long you have been involved with inventing, or anything else that helps readers understand your views and perspective.

The time duration of the experiment will be based upon industry's collective enthusiasm, participation, and focus to this section's purpose. Please send your responses to and address it Attention: America's Inventor, RE: Critiquing the Industry


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