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Tools Of The Trade For The Independent Inventor


Welcome to America's Inventor[tm] Online
By Stephen Paul Gnass

This first issue of America's Inventor[tm] Online is the first manifestation of many new services from The National Congress of Inventor Organizations (NCIO) which will be available for inventors, inventor organizations, invention service providers and their associations.

Because the world is getting smaller in every way, we feel that an organization like NCIO has to become global...and what is making it possible to achieve this like no other time in history is the internet and World Wide Web (WWW).

With the purpose of making information, education and resources widely available which are pertinent to intellectual property creators and invention service providers, NCIO is working to become a comprehensive global networking resource.

Our goal is to unite and act as a bridge of information between governments, universities, independent inventors, organizations, government labs, and technology transfer organizations, etc.

Many products and services will be created, promoted and distributed free through the WWW. There is no cost or charge to access NCIO or America's Inventor on the WWW. It is an open forum and there will be free availability of our information and resources. Individuals are free to download the information for personal educational use and to make copies of articles for friends as long as the copyright notice and NCIO's contact information is on all of the copies.

Publishers or organizations are asked to respect the U.S. and international copyright laws by asking for permission in advance, in writing, to reprint any articles in part or whole on other web sites or in any means, shape or form. Anyone is welcome to list NCIO as a resource with a link to NCIO's WWW address at or America's Inventor WWW address at

We think that you will enjoy this site and find it very useful and informative. In this first issue we have a great article about Hedy Lamarr who developed the basis for spread spectrum technology. Don Kracke, author of "How to Make A Million Dollars with Your Idea" talks about his philosophy on inventing. Ed Rigsbee provides approaches to partner for success with other companies. "Curious George" discusses the importance of never growing up in order to nurture your creative and inventive spirit. And Don Kelly of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office answers questions from inventors about the patent office. These are just a few highlights.

Also be sure to take a look at the upcoming Spring Invention Convention® trade show. The Invention Convention® is the official trade show of NCIO. At last year's show, we honored Joanne Hayes-Rines for her contributions in protecting the rights of inventors.

Recently, I was very sorry to lose a friend and legend in inventing - Jerome Lemelson. A special tribute is included in this issue.

I look forward to having you e-mail me with any suggestions, recommendations, and article ideas. Please be patient for replies as we are receiving heavy correspondence and NCIO is made up of volunteer staff with limited time constraints and resources.

Stephen Paul Gnass

NCIO Needs Your Support!
P.S. At this point, NCIO's site, America's Inventor Online as well as all work and research in progress is totally sponsored by myself and volunteers from the Invention Convention®. We are open to, and would love to hear from anyone who would like to discuss and/or make a sizeable donation to help us fund this worthwhile project.

For any independent or small company that is using this site, we would welcome your voluntary donation of $25.00 or more as a contribution to help support this site's evolution. Or please contact me directly to find out about sponsorship opportunities at NCIO's e-mail address:


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