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In this premier issue, we welcome your comments, opinions, and suggestions about the publication or any article topics in this issue. They will be reviewed and considered for inclusion in the next issue of America's Inventor[tm].


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    The best e-mail transmission method is to send any text within the message section of the e-mail window. With graphics, you can send a tiff or gif on a 3.5 disk by snail mail. Or you can also send a regular B&W or color photo by snail mail which will be scanned by our staff once we receive it.


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    Individuals are free to download the information for personal educational use and to make copies of articles for friends as long as the copyright notice and NCIO's contact information is on all of the copies.

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    -- All information in the publication is correct to our knowledge at the time of publication and NCIO is not liable for any incorrect information or data.

    -- All opinions and advice provided in the articles are the respective opinions of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the opinion(s) of NCIO on any subject matter.

    -- NCIO highly respects all of the article authors in this publication. However it is the sole responsibility of the reader to do his/her proper due diligence if he/she is considering using any services or products or the development of any kind of working relationship with any of the authors.

    Articles in America's Inventor are not to be considered as an endorsement of an author's products or services. The reader takes full responsiblity for any information or products and/or services he/she chooses to use.


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