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Former U.S. Patent Commissioner Donald Banner accepts "Winged Victory" Award Stephen Gnass introduces former Congresswoman Helen Bentley The Honorable Helen Bentley gives a keynote speech

Introduction: The Great Debate: First-to-Invent vs. First-to-File

To learn about what inventor rights are, and to read a special report about the background of the U.S. Patent System, click here.

Art by Robert H. Cooper

What are inventor rights? Why is the patent system being changed? How will this affect independent inventors?

These questions are answered in a special report developed by Stephen Paul Gnass throughout the period between 1988 and 1992. It is a great foundation for understanding the current proposed patent changes. While the specific bills in Congress, as well as some of the Congressmen and government officials may be different today, the overall theme of dismantling the core basis of the U.S. patent system by pretty much the same group of corporate entities and lawyers remains the same.

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Learn about the successful history of the inventor rights grassroots effort.

The grassroots education effort was a success, and the "First-to-Invent" system was maintained. Then U.S. Commerce Secretary Ronald H. Brown issued a press release on January 24, 1994 stating: "the first-to-invent system has served us well in the past, and while the United States may move to first-to-file sometime in the future, I am not convinced that enough small inventors and entrepreneurs would benefit if we made a switch at this time."

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We believe that people CAN make a difference. INVENTORS' VOICETM purpose is to gather and disseminate pertinent information internationally related to the rights, pending legislation, laws or any other issues that could affect intellectual property owners, R & D and the commercialization of technology.

The First Amendment forbids Congress from passing any laws limiting our freedom to petition the government. Our government is one by the people and for the people. It is not meant to be a self-contained system. Legislators cannot make up their minds in a vacuum.

If those governed - whether individuals or businesses - do not state their demands to those they elect and whose salaries they pay, they have only themselves to blame when undemocratic decisions are made by a democratic institution.
..................Quoted from Janet Harris Lange, Entrepreneurial Magazine

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