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  • I have found your website to be motivational, it is full of useful, candid information and is written from a caring point of view. I can feel the genuine concern in the words as I read them.
    J.M., NJ
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    Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen Spoil the Broth!!!
    I've discovered that this can be a big problem with some inventions. Sometimes there are more than one inventor (co-inventors), or the invention is a family affair involving the wife, son, daughter, mother, father, nephews, uncles, neighbors, even aliens (from another planet), etc....
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    Patented Inventors: Don't Lose Your Patent!!!
    In speaking with many patented inventors, I've found a glitch in the patent system that causes inventors to lose their patents without their knowledge or awareness...
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    Inventing 101 Online Course
    Initial Idea Protection Without A Patent

    Beginning Steps for Inventors
    As an individual in the early idea stages, are you experiencing both excitement AND frustration right now? On the one hand, do you see the rewards and potential...
    [Full Report]

    The Inventors Log Book
    The "log book" is a very inexpensive process, yet your most valuable tool in the protection of your new idea! Why?...
    [Full Report]

    Disclosure Document Program
    You may have heard about sending yourself a description of your own invention by registered mail to help document the idea as your own...
    [Full Report]

    Nondisclosure (Confidentiality) Agreements
    A Nondisclosure Agreement is used when someone with an unpatented idea shows it to another party...
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    Spotting Invention Scams: Warning Signs
    Printout the following chart which has a checklist of services. If all or most of these are performed by a single company...
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    The Big Question: What's Your Success Rate?
    After reading this article, hopefully you will understand that the question of "success rate" does NOT automatically apply to ALL companies that provide services to inventors...
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    An Introduction to Invention Scam Companies
    Most people with a new idea immediately start looking for a company that will buy or license their idea. But the truth is...
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    A Special Warning About Nondisclosure Agreements
    A major tip-off to a scam company is that they freely send pre-signed nondisclosure agreements in their sales literature, before you've had a chance to talk to them or after a brief telephone conversation!...
    [ Full Story ]

    FTC Cracks Down on Invention Promotion Firms
    The Federal Trade Commission announced at a July 24, 1997 press conference that it has frozen the assets of several invention-promotion companies alleged to have hoodwinked thousands of inventors out of at least $90 million collectively...
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    The U.S. Patent System: What's So Unique About It and Why Is It Being Changed?
    What are inventor rights? What's so special about the U.S. Patent System? Why is the patent system being changed? How will this affect independent inventors? How will this affect our children and our children's children? What does this mean to the future of our country?...
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    Inventors Online Kit For Making A Difference
    With the purpose of educating and helping you become informed about legislation related to inventing, this Online Kit for Making A Difference provides you with resources you need to find out who your congressmen are and how to contact them, as well as links...
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    Licensing, Can Somebody Do This For Me?

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           I would like to welcome you to NCIO's World Wide Web Site. All of us here are pleased about the opportunities that the internet has provided for ongoing communication, education, and exchange with individuals and professionals in the invention community both in the U.S. and around the world.
           NCIO Online features free articles, information, resources, and an online magazine "America's Inventor [tm] Online".
           This site will continue to be a growing and evolving site and we invite you to e-mail us with any special questions you may have, or comments about what you would like to see here in the future.

    Best Regards,
    Stephen Paul Gnass

    Stephen Paul Gnass is the Executive Director of The National Congress of Inventor Organizations, the oldest nonprofit organization in the U.S for inventors and inventor groups. He is the founder of the Invention Convention® trade show and Invention Connection® Cyberspace Convention, and editor of America's Inventor[tm] Online. He has been an avid advocate for inventors rights for many years, has consulted thousands of inventors through approximately two decades, and has been interviewed on many TV and radio shows and print publications. Comments for Mr. Gnass can be sent to: ncio@inventionconvention.com

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