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Tools Of The Trade For The Independent Inventor

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Departments include:
    Mastering the Invention Process-Getting through the Maze
    Patents, Trademarks & Copyrights-Comprehensive Protection
    Licensees, Angels & Sharks-Dealmaking and How Not to Be Eaten Alive
    Exploring the Inventor's Mind-Reflections on the Creative Problem Solving Process
    Earthtrends-A Look into the Future of Inventing
    Counter Perspective-Insights from Corporate Licensing Executives
    Critiquing the Industry
    Ask Don-PTO Q's & A's
    How to Shoot Yourself in the Foot-Foolish Decisions that Guarantee Failure
    Profiles of Great Inventors

Plus...News Briefs, Letters to the Editor, Reviews of books, audio cassette programs, web sites, video programs, and NCIO Potpourri!

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