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Welcome to NCIO's Invention Bookstore

Dear Inventor,

With NCIOs mission of education, the NCIO's Bookstore is a centralized cyberspace library that provides you with listings of books on intellectual property and the inventing process.

To begin, pick a subject area. This will give you a listing of books under that specific subject. Then you can click on the link to purchase the book from or's secure web site.

We welcome your recommendations and comments about any books that you have purchased and read, as well as any other books that you feel would help other inventors. We wish you the best in your inventing endeavors.

Stephen Paul Gnass

Buy A Book Here And Support NCIO!.
This service is provided in association with NOLO.COM and AMAZON.COM.

Your purchase of books by "directly clicking on the link next to the book" will provide NCIO with a small commission from or which will help to fund NCIOs educational goals. We are confident that you will be happy with and's professionalism in processing and fulfilling your book order.

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