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If you feel that you have also benefited from this web site, we welcome hearing your comments or suggestions! Please send them to:

Thank you so much for caring enough to provide information about the whole process on your website, you are doing a wonderful thing helping people like me gain a little knowledge about the process of inventing and acquiring a patent...
Let me just say thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!! I am an 18 year old student. I came across your Website after extensive and confusing research on patents. I felt as though I was going in endless circles everytime I searched the internet. The information on your website was not only informative but in a language which was easy to understand....Once again thank you for your website. I was constantly disappointed with the results of previous searches and began to feel my enthusiasm dying. I felt as though I was incapable of protecting my idea without the immediate assistance of a lawyer and a lot of money. Thank you for thoroughly explaining the steps in the inventing process.
A. Goldberg
I have found your website to be motivational, it is full of useful, candid information and is written from a caring point of view. I can feel the genuine concern in the words as I read them.
J.M., NJ
I first want to thank you for creating a very useful and informative web site. It has helped me out a great deal, especially since I am a novice to the invention community.
First of all I want to thank you for your Web Page. I have learned more about some of the "pit falls" from this information you provided than anywhere I have ever looked. As for the Scammers, we all have seen their advertisements of how they will do everything and all we (the inventors) have to do is sit back and let the money roll in. Hopefully, the percentage of Inventors that fall for this BS is small.
I visited your web site and was very impressed with all the very good information you provide there. Thank you for such a great service! S.
I am just getting my feet wet in the inventor's industry. I am really excited about some fascinating ideas and am anxious to get them to market. Like I said I am really new to all of this so I would like to get educated on the 'how to's" , and would like to subscribe to your organization.
Thank you for the opportunity to subscribe!
L.L., CA
Great site with tons of legitimate useful information. Thanks.
J.M., NJ
Great web site! Very informative. Thank You
I find the material useful and informative. As you say, your site provides a great foundation to build upon. (Or should I say - upon which to build)... keep up the good work.
N.L., Canada
Thank you for the information you provide!
T.D., K.S.
Hello my name is Eric, thank you for the free offer of info for inventions and a start on my ideas. I appreciate that there is someone out there who is willing to help get people the start they need.
Hello my name is G.T.Suarez. I heard so much of your invention company and I would to know more of your magazine. Please email me since i would prefer this site for your answer and regards to your stuff and especially to Stephen Paul Gnass. Your site looks exactly like what we've been looking for. Place us on your list please.
Thank you for your great online resources. Thanks for your effort on behalf of inventors and for the free subscription.
I thank you for this free service.
Hello Stephen, Thanks for your input and advise. I'm glad there are people out there who take the time to care. Romel

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