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Why Does NCIO Provide These Free Services?

Over the 15+ years that Iíve been in this niche field of inventing, I found that most of the people who were contacting me with new ideas, were working individuals who had never been in business. More often than not, they never got to first base because 1] they were scammed by invention promotion firms right from the get-go, or 2] they had no knowledge of the process and didnít know where to begin. So, out of frustration, they didnít do anything with their ideas at all. 3) When people didnít know the process and somehow luckily avoided the scams, they often did things out of order, and spent much more money than was necessary, sometimes on things they didnĎt need yet, if ever.

There are so many popular myths about inventing that contribute to the above scenario, that in order to encourage creativity and innovation, I felt that people needed a free resource that would help them stay away from the scams, and help guide them and get started on the right track. This is why I became President of the National Congress of Inventor Organizations [NCIO], and is where the free online Inventing 101 Course came from, as well as the Scambusters section, and other information on the NCIO web site.

There are many legitimate "services" that are needed by inventors. But there are many things that people with a new invention idea can and should do "first" to make sure that they have a valuable idea to begin with. These beginning steps will cost almost nothing but time and dedication if the inventor does them him/herself, yet could cost thousands if a professional company is hired to perform them in the early stages. These include the initial idea protection steps, the research phase, and the provisional patent application [PPA].

In essence, independent inventors need to have a basic foundation of knowledge, and to have done a certain amount of preliminary work before starting to spend money on services.

By having inventors who are educated about what they need to do, and who are more confident about their product's potential, and who know what services they truly need, this helps the invention industry to grow, where both the inventors and the legitimate service providers will mutually benefit.

Sincerely, Stephen Paul Gnass
President, National Congress of Inventor Organizations [NCIO]

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