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The U.S. Patent System - What's So Unique About It And Why Is It Being Changed?

What are inventor rights? What's so special about the U.S. Patent System? Why is the patent system being changed? How will this affect independent inventors? How will this affect our children and our children's children? What does this mean to the future of our country?

These questions are answered in the Special Summary Report "The Great Debate: First-to-Invent vs. First-to-File and the International Harmonization Treaty" developed by Stephen Paul Gnass throughout the period between 1988 and 1992.

Special Summary Report
The Great Debate:
"First-to-Invent vs. First-to-File"
and the "International Harmonization Treaty"

The year 1988 was the first year that Gnass held the Inventors Voice[tm] Round Table Dinner in conjunction with the Invention Convention® in order to bring together industry leaders to inform and help educate them on pending patent legislation that was harmful to independent inventors.

This 1992 report is a great foundation for understanding the current proposed patent changes. It provides a historical perspective in regards to the founding father's creation of the U.S. patent laws. In addition, it explains when and how the grassroots efforts to protect the U.S. patent laws were started by the small business and invention communities. This report was disseminated widely throughout the invention community as well as to media, resulting in the beginning of articles being published in major publications such as the Wall Street Journal about the proposed changes in the patent system.

This report is still as relevant today as it was when it was written in 1992. While the specific bills in Congress, as well as some of the Congressmen and government officials may be different today, the overall theme of dismantling the U.S. patent system by pretty much the same group of corporate entities and lawyers remains the same.

Many individuals and organizations contributed to the success of the early days grassroots lobbying effort. Today, many of these same individuals and organizations continue to educate the invention community about proposed patent changes.

To receive more updated information about the grassroots lobbying effort and learn about the current bills, please go to

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