Al Lammens, Jr.
Condulet Adapter Inc.
Covina, CA

To: Stephen Paul Gnass

A Dream Come True "Success" Story

My dreams have come true! The Friday before the Labor Day Weekend, I was reading the local paper. The Invention Convention, at Pasadena's Civic Center, was being promoted. I thought to myself, what a great opportunity to reveal my product for the first time to the critical eye of the public and potential investors.

Struggling since 1986 (with the conception of my product), to the present. Through patent search stage, patent issue, 2 abandonment's, reissue of the patent, partnership dissolvement and now full ownership of both the corporation and the patent I never gave up on my ability to get my product to market. I believed that with perseverance and guidance of the Lord, that some day my dream would come true.

As I started out, in hopes of getting a booth, I prepared myself for a let down. What would my chances be? The convention was well under way, and entries needed to be in weeks in advance. Well, as luck would have it, by the time I arrived, the press was in full swing. The place was humming! All I know is that I felt the presence of "Something Good" was going to happen. I talked to the sponsors in charge and they told me, I'm sorry but there are no more booths available". I felt I had come too far to turn around now, so I said "I have my product here, let me show it to you". Before I knew it, the convention staff couldn't accommodate me fast enough.

By the time I ran back to my office to pick up essentials that I would need to make my presentation, the media and the convention judges had made their rounds, and my product was eliminated from judging, since there was only an empty booth. I called my wife from my cell phone, and said "Babe, change in plans for this weekend, meet me down at the convention, the public eye will see the invention for the first time."

The most important lesson I have learned in life, and as a businessman is to never give up! As an inventor, you believe in your product with all your heart. All I needed was a chance to prove it to others. What I have invented will revolutionize the electrical conduit body industry. This was the day that my product would be revealed to the public, through critical eyes for the first time.

The response was tremendous. Before I knew it, I had captured a steady audience. The reaction to the Conduit Body Adapter was beyond belief. Unveiling my product to the public eye, and to potential investors I counted over 20 of their business cards, not counting the additional potentials that took our literature, or who wrote their own notes. Everyone was genuinely interested in investing in the future of my product.

They recognized the significant impact that my product would make on the market, and the need. So, I'm here to tell you, believing in your product as deeply as I do, it is extremely rewarding, to have received the inspiring response to the Conduit Body Adapter. Which pushed me that much closer to making a dream come true...

Getting my product on the market.

My phone hasn't stopped ringing. Acquaintances of the potential investors were calling me, wanting to know more about the product and the investment opportunities offered. I was even asked to return to the next show as a guest speaker, which I was honored and graciously accepted.

The real surprise came to me, Tuesday morning at 8:10am, following the convention, when the phone rang, and it was one of the world's largest manufacturers, that I had been speaking with regarding a license agreement. Just so happened that there was a representative from their company at the convention and they witnessed for themselves the public's response to the product. We now have three major world leaders in manufacturing that want to produce the project worldwide, plus a local manufacturer that is willing to accept any overflow of the product.

There is a greater potential offer about to unfold that even I had not dreamed about. I am extremely grateful for the VIP treatment the convention bestowed upon me. Who knows how much longer it may have taken, for this offer to make my dreams come true!

Al Lammens, Jr., President
Condulet Adaptor, Inc.
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