Robert D. Johnson
A.B.C. Board Certified Orthotist
Yuba City, CA

Dear Stephen,

I must tell you how impressed I was when I attended the Invention Convention in Pasadena. I have been involved in innovative projects and new ideas for almost thirty years. I'm a certified orthotist by profession and an inventor by avocation.

I've attended many conventions, relating to my profession, health care in general and invention gatherings. There are always new ideas being presented and it's exciting to see them, but there's nothing that can compare with the electrifying buzz that surrounds you at the Invention Convention.

You can actually feel the energy flowing through the room. It was the first time I actually felt like I didn't want to leave after I had visited all the displays. I wanted to stay and learn more, to re-energize myself. I was in a place where I believed, "all things are possible". The enthusiasm for success was euphoric.

I physically and emotionally became a part of the process of innovation and thought. It became an opportunity to explore and stimulate the mind to greater potential. As I watched people talking about their inventions I could see and feel their excitement. I wanted to be a part of the process. I decided then, I had to be a part of it. My visit to the Invention Convention has been, without exception, a most enlightening experience. It is no longer a dream to me, but a reality, and I can be a part of it. I'm planning on being in Pasadena this year and looking forward to the experience of a lifetime.

Thank you,
Bob Johnson, C.O.

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