Donald E. Donne
President, Creative Action Team, Inc.
Marion, IN

To Whom It May Concern,

I am a relative newcover to the invention field. A while back, I fell victim to an apparent scam, and in an effort to determine whether or not, it actually was a scam, I turned to the only sources I knew for some guidance. They, in turn, referred me to several well-known people in invention circles. One of these people was the highly successful inventor, George D. Margolin. He asked Stephen Paul Gnass, Founder of Invention Convention®, and Executive Director of the National Congress of Inventor Organizations to respond to my query. Mr. Gnass did, in fact, respond and it marked the beginning of what has become a very exciting, enjoyable, and rewarding adventure.

I had heard of the Invention Convention previously on the internet. It had come to my attention the year before on the occasion of its 12th Annual Trade Show in Pasadena, California. Unfortunately, at that time it was too late for me to offer my invention for exhibit at the '98 Convention. I mentioned this to Stephen when he contacted me about the probable scam, and he told me about his development of the Invention Connection® on the World Wide Web Site. The idea of having an exhibit booth for my invention at a trade show for new inventions on a 24 hour basis, 365 days a year, was, I thought, a fantastic idea. I was immediately intrigued by the idea and applied for participation in the Invention Connection® Cyberspace Convention.

I am pleased to say that my invention, "The Gourmet Panhandler(tm)" was accepted, featured, and nominated for an award. Soon after my participation began, I started to receive e-mails, letters, phone calls, and faxes about my new product. I have been offered a number of proposals for licensing, distribution, manufacturing, investment, sales, etc. And, I continue to gain contacts weekly as a result of my Cyberbooth as well as direct referrals from Stephen Paul Gnass.

Without reservation, I highly recommend Mr. Gnass and his organization to anyone concerned with innovations and the development of new products whether as a seller or a buyer. My association with him as been most fruitful, and I cannot applaud him enough as a knowledgeable, honorable, experienced professional innovator in his own right, and a really decent human being.

Donald E. Donne
President, Creative Action Team, Inc.

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