George Margolin, President
Margolin Development and inventors advocate
Newport Beach, CA

This is a newsgroup posting by George Margolin in reply to the subject "Inventors conventions or trade shows?" Dr. Margolin is an inventor with over two dozen patents, including patents for a motion picture backgrounds system used in 2001, a Space Odyssey, the James Bond films and many others. Margolin Development is an Inventive Product Development company with consultants available around the globe. Rent-An-Inventor is also a division where an Inventor/Product Development consultant can be utilized to bring your company to the forefront of technology.

Kenneth -- glad to get your note. It (Invention Convention) helped me because I had been sitting on my hands on an important invention in the medical field. I had one patent but needed to write up and file another more important update on the subject. Won a booth worth about $1800 and had fewer than six weeks to get everything together to show what I had.

At the same time I was looking for some litigating attorneys to handle a patent infringement suit against a LARGE Japanese infringer.

Given the short time and important problems I had to solve -- I got off my hands, pushed myself and my patent attorney -- filing the patent three days before the show -- so I wouldn't lose the ability to file in Japan and other foreign countries -- pushed a legal firm to make a decision to work with me or to tell me they had too many Japanese clients to dare to do it. They could not dare, and had stalled me for over three months after much hand wringing -- three of their Board meetings where they reached no decision and more.

This caused me to say thanks but no thanks. I then found a WONDERFUL couple of litigating firms that worked with me to ALL our advantage. We settled the case in an appropriate manner. I filed my important Medical device patent. Showed my stuff off. Met beaucoup bright people including Don Banner, former U.S. Commissioner of Patents -- who has since become one of my closest friends and mentors.

In addition I have been able to help many other inventors and have joined the fight against those attempting to kill our patent system and substitute the terrible Japanese system.

ALL because of getting involved with this particular show. I know, without question, that without the deadlines and contacts I would not be in the position I am in now.

Will it work like this for everyone -- you, for example? I haven't the foggiest notion, but you will meet interesting people, well known inventors, people interested in preserving the American Patent System and lots more. The contacts alone may be the best advantage. But since I know nothing about you or your invention, intentions or situation, I would find it hard to predict how you'll make out.

One thing for sure, though -- it WILL focus you. THAT was the thing that helped me most, and why I am grateful for it.

I will be sending a copy of this to Stephen Gnass who runs the Invention Convention. I've told him about the above but have never had the incentive (you) to write this before. So one grabs inventive where one can.

Best regards whatever you decide to do.
George Margolin

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