George Schmidt
Inventors Guild of America
Sunland, CA

Dear Stephen,

Now that the Invention Convention is over I want to tell you that as a first time exhibitor I overcame my apprehensions and enjoyed the atmosphere of other creative inventors. I was impressed by the quality of the other inventors. This was no swap meet, the inventions were not Mickey Mouse novelties. They were sophisticated, state of the art, practical items looking for a market or a manufacturer.

The inventors came from various backgrounds and skills and I met some very interesting people. Networking with these people after the convention was over produced amazing results. Everyone was so helpful that I regained confidence that we inventors can turn the economy around and create jobs for Americans by inventing new products.

Your Invention Convention is the best way for inventors to network with other professionals and find the help they need to get their inventions from prototype to market.

The general public that attended in large quantities provided exposure of my inventions and gave me the feedback of a cross section of opinions. In my case favorable for both inventions.

Business men, marketing people, sales reps and venture capitalists made the project complete. I have a lot of leads to follow up and so do all the other inventors in our Inventors Guild.

As president and CEO of the Inventors Guild I can honestly say that the convention was a huge success for everyone and we will be back next year with more of our guild members.

My best mousetrap and my individual injection molded stairs for residential use were instant successes. God help us if Congress passes the first-to-file amendment. That is the only thing that can kill the small inventor - that and the patent maintenance fees! This country will hit bottom economically if we lose first-to-invent law.

George Schmidt, President & CEO

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