Giselle Nagy
Helpin' Hand
Reseda, CA

Dear Stephen,

I attended the Invention Convention three times, twice as an observer in 1988 and 1989 and once as a participant in 1990. Attending was a very informative and inspirational experience for me. I was a first-time inventor with very little understanding of how I could capitalize on a new product idea I had. I purchased literature there that helped me understand how the patenting/licensing processes worked. I had the opportunity to talk with other inventors, manufacturers, marketing people and the public. This atmosphere helped me get an idea as to whether my invention was marketable or not. Fortunately it was!

I learned how to effectively submit my product idea to manufacturers and I now have a licensing agreement with a large U.S. company! That means royalties are coming in! My invention the "Helpin' Hand[tm]" auto accessory, which holds a notepad holder or a cup/mug holder from a vehicle's lighter socket is now a nationwide product! It is currently available in Target stores and by May of 1993, it will also be available in K-mart, Wal-Mart, PepBoys, Western Automotive, High Gear Automotive and others!

I encourage inventors to stick with their ideas because perseverance is one of the most important factors in my success. I thank the Invention Convention for helping me to learn how to capitalize on my invention.

Giselle Nagy

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