Lawrence Duhart
Los Angeles, CA

To: Stephen Paul Gnass

In 1983 I marketed the 1st Physonic Process/Processor to Grammy Award® Academy Award® Winner Herbie Hancock. The name of this system was entitled "The Aural Field Generator". Herbie successfully used this technology to aurally enhance the sound on various album and film projects including a composition for the 1984 Summer Olympics Album entitled "JUNKU"; and his 1986 Academy Award® winning score for the film "Round Midnight".

In 1984 I marketed the 2nd Physonic Process/Processor to Dick Clark Productions. This system was called "ERIC". ERIC was used to digitally restore and Physonically Enhance the audio for original classic American Bandstand Shows from the 50's, 60's, 70's, and 80's. A series of VHS HI-FI tapes were made that achieved double and triple platinum status. The ERIC logo was affixed to the packaging making it the first digital process to be affixed to a video tape box as well as achieve double and triple platinum status.

In 1985, I convinced Dick Clark to start the first CD-only record label. (CDs were just beginning to become popular since the record labels were still not convinced of the economics surrounding the transference of their record collections into the digital domain). This project made ERIC the first digital audio process/processor to be used to enhance and re-record audio for release on Compact Disc. The ERIC logo was also affixed to the actual CD as well as the packaging.

In 1988 I decided that I needed more exposure so I contacted Mr. Stephen Gnass of the Invention Convention. Mr. Gnass allowed me to exhibit my technology at the Invention Convention® trade show. I was able to market and publicize my technology to the following companies: MCA RECORDS, UNIVERSAL PICTURES, TURNER BROADCASTING, THE BELGIUM GOVERNMENT, HORMEL INDUSTRIES, GETTY OIL & LANDMARK ENTERTAINMENT.

The Invention Convention allowed me to promote and publicize my technology as well as hone my own marketing skills. The Invention Convention was a real god-send.

In 1997, realizing that the Invention Convention was extremely instrumental in helping me obtain additional markets and clients for my technology, I have once again approached Mr. Gnass and asked for the opportunity to once again display and market my technology at the Invention Convention trade show.

My newest technology "KLEARSOUND[tm], utilizes an advanced version of the Physonic Technology. This new technology called the Audiographic Compression Format enables me to record from 8 to 59 hours of sound and 6.5 million pages of information on a standard CD-Rom disc. (I call this new Compact Disc a "CD-5 Disc") I can also "hyper-link" this CD-5 disc to numerous internet web sites for instantaneous access to information and sound without the need to download.

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