Mike Rounds
Rounds, Miller & Associates
Rolling Hills Estates, CA

Dear Stephen,

I just had occasion to refer an inventor to the Invention Convention, and it occurred to me that there are many vital reasons why an inventor would want to participate in the program.

First is the level of exposure that an inventor receives, in a short period of time, for a small amount of capital investment.

In twenty-five years of attending trade shows and convention, I have never seen any other show that provides the level of media coverage for the participants that yours does.

From the time that the booths are set up and the exhibitors arrive, the media begins swarming all over the place looking for unique products, success stories, novelty items, and humorous anecdotes.

Almost immediately, the newscasts begin to show products and inventors and the hosted hour long shows, like the Today Show and Good Morning American begin to show clips and renew the conversations about Yankee Ingenuity and how the spirit of invention is still alive in America.

The exposure that the participants receive, could not be purchased for ten times the price that is paid for the exhibit space.

The business support that the participants receive is no small matter either.

Since most of the participants have technical backgrounds and very little marketing experience, your Speedmarketing course is one of the most practical programs available.

By removing all the rhetoric and showing the participants, step-by-step, how to represent their products and offer them to the buying public, you have eliminated one of the biggest stumbling blocks to the successful sales of new ideas, lack of knowledge about how to go about doing it properly.

The training on Boothmanship and how to deal with a vast number of passers by is invaluable.

Anybody who has ever had to work a trade show will tell you that there are some definite rules for success and profitability to spending four days in a booth.

The Invention Convention is the ONLY trade show that I know of that provides this training, AT NO EXTRA CHARGE, to all the participants.

Your service of providing free marketing, advertising, and public relations support for the participants is unique.

These services are normally billed at hundreds of dollars per hour, and since you contract for these services and make them available to all of the participants for free, during the four days of the show, there is expertise available to the participants that they could normally not find, and at no extra charge.

Networking has probably become an overused term but at The Invention Convention, it has true meaning and value.

For many of the participants, this is the first time that they have ever exhibited their ideas in public.

The ability for them to meet, speak with, learn from, and receive expert opinions from others in the field of prototypes, patenting, product development, marketing, advertising, distribution, and law, is a significant step in their progress as successful inventors.

The support following The Invention Convention is important too.

Since most of the participants have little or not experience in follow up techniques and turning contacts and ideas into profitability, the ongoing network availability of related skills and services provides added insurance that the participants will succeed if they avail themselves of the resources.

No one technique, show, convention, or idea will solve all the problems an inventor or creative individual has to become successful.

It requires a combination of many different events and services to truly accomplish this end.

The Invention Convention is one of those events. To be sure, one of the most significant events that an inventor can participate in to insure that their ideas become a part of reality instead of another dream that never was.

By way of endorsement and testimonial for your program, I have been, and will continue to, recommend The Invention Convention as one of the truly great values left for creative persons who are serious about becoming successful with their ideas and inventions.

Mike Rounds, President

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