Norman Rolston
Able Walker Ltd.
Burnaby, BC Canada

Dear Stephen,

Congratulations to you and your high-energy staff for another exciting Invention Convention! As you know, this is the fourth year that Able Walker has exhibited in Pasadena. We keep coming back because the exposure generated for our new products is unmatched.

In the seven years since I invented the Able Walker, the walking assistive device with the shopping cart appearance, there have been many challenges. I've always said that the original inspiration was just one percent of the effort and that marketing and publicity were the key factors in making the Able Walker a successful product.

The Invention Convention has consistently provided me with an ideal platform to discuss mobility for the elderly with the media, fellow inventors, entrepreneurs, and the professional community.

This year I was especially proud to receive the Special Humanitarian Award, which recognized the profound effect the Able Walker has had on seniors' freedom and independence. The award's international stature has given added credibility to our export efforts as well as being a public relations boon.

Our press release announcing the presentation was picked up by the national media via the wire services. This resulted in items in over 30 daily newspapers all across Canada. We also have national TV network story editors planning in-depth coverage. Now that's a success story!

Watch for more innovations from Able Walker at next year's Invention Convention. See you there!

Norman J. Rolston, Inventor and CEO

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