Peggy Wagner
Inventor, "Indy Blades"
Yucaipa, CA

Subject: Happy Exhibitor

Dear Stephen,

Thank you so much for the "Invention Convention". "Indy Blades" suspension for In-Line Skates will be on the market before Christmas thanks to the "Invention Convention". We meet Todd Mills with Hi-Q Products Inc., and he is a partner with Bill Hachtmann/Kleen-Rite, and they want to license/market "Indy Blades". THIS WILL BE MADE IN USA.

In the same booth we had a tool to add to a Multi-Purpose Tool - we will license/market with Lloyd at Patented Products, and the tool will be on the U.S. market for Father's Day.

When I have put this to bed I will work on the Cordless Portable Hairdryer and the Motorcycle Caddy. I need to find out from you the information on the law suit you were telling me about in Texas against N.I.S.I. - National Invention Services that took us for almost $10,000.00.

Again, thank you so much for the Invention Convention. We also have an appointment with the Patent Lawyer we met at the Invention Convention.

Peggy Wagner

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