Tim Murphy
Auto Specialty Products
Costa Mesa, CA

Dear Mr. Gnass,

I saw your presentation concerning the Invention Convention last week and decided to write this letter.

You mentioned some of the benefits of exhibiting (market research, meeting potential distributors, etc.) for a beginning inventor/entrepreneur. I feel there was one benefit - a very important one - that you didn't mention. This benefit is a psychological step that I experienced and want to tell you about.

Faced with the opportunity to exhibit I realized that I was scared by the prospect of physically standing by my idea and showing it to masses of people as they walked by. Would they think it was a bad idea, would people laugh at me, could I explain to people the benefits of my product? I was visibly upset with these possibilities.

Well, with the help and encouragement of a friend, I did exhibit.

And in exhibiting I managed to push through my fears. Some people thought my idea was great, a few, not realizing I had only one prototype, wanted to buy one, and some thought it wasn't so hot. Through it all I learned that I could present my idea and not be crushed by the audiences' reaction.

I feel this is a necessary and important first step for any inventor or entrepreneur. Because regardless of the direction one is going - licensing, venturing or self manufacturing - the inventor/entrepreneur is going to have to stand behind his idea as he shows it to people.

Exhibiting at the Invention Convention forced me to take that first and necessary step.

Tim Murphy

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